Welcome to the GITAM Directorate of International Affairs(GDIA)

GDIA is headed by a team of dedicated staff and supported by the advisory council. A group of faculty and administrators representing each of the University’s institutes plus other key academic units are functional under this office.

The office has the mandate in the following areas

The office primarily serves as:

  1. The Office of International Partnerships and Agreements
  2. The Office of International Student Admissions, which facilitates study abroad opportunities for students of GITAM as well as for incoming international students & faculty
  3. The International Student Welfare Office both for outbound and inbound international students.

In summary, this office provides the comprehensive and unified framework within which all work in the International arena can seamlessly be achieved.

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    Hsu, ChiaHao, M.Tech(CST), Taiwan

    My fellow students are so friendly and the teachers are all very professional. It is a beautiful place here, including people, campus and the city. I am glad that I found it.
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    Muhammad Basirat, BCA, Afghanistan

    To me GITAM is a hub of love and a torch of guidance and knowledge. From its teachers to students and to climate of the place, everything is fascinating.
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    Josie Jean Jastram, BA(International Relations), USA

    My peers always make sure to say hi and smile to me when they see me walking around campus, or even roaming around the city. I’ve also had the pleasure of going out with other international students to enjoy the beaches, watch Indian classical and folk dance, and see a flower exhibit from over 90 countries! We don’t see such events in the US and it’s not common for colleges to arrange trips. Being hands-on in my classes has given me a bit more enthusiasm for my education. Every interaction has made me feel welcome.
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    Sumana Limbu, B.Sc. (Nursing), Nepal

    GITAM is perfect for good academic ambience. Rigorous academic schedules and process makes it good for improving confidence in the subject and thus employability opportunities back-home. The hostel facilities are truly home-away from home. With supportive teachers and friends, I find GITAM to be the best university for any foreign student.
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    YaldaWaghazi, MA(English), Afghanistan

    GITAM is a place where I have learned and experienced so many new things in such a short period of time. My classes are great and I enjoy every one of them, especially poetry, because it made me a poet. I also joined the Spanish class. Learning a new language is challenging but it is very rewarding.